Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I register?

By signing up you get FREE access to previous years question paper and solutions for all exams listed on the site

2. What do I get when I pay registration fee?

After payment of registration fee, you get access to all the mock tests (sample papers), including solutions for the exam you have paid for.
Also, you will get a RANK based on your and other registered members test performance. This ranking module is only available for our paid test series. It will give you good idea where you stand compared to students giving the exam.

3. How long is my membership valid?

Your membership is valid till all competitive exams listed on our site are conducted or May 30 (whichever is later) for academic year in which you registered.

4. Why is my ranking different from my score?

Your ranking is based on the number of people who scored more than you, while your score is based on how much you get in the exam.
Ex: If 100 people score 60/60 in an exam, and you score 59/60; your rank will be 101st but score will be 2nd highest.
This will give you a good idea about how much each mark affects your ranking.

5. Can I give a test multiple times?

Yes, you can give a test multiple times; but ranking will be given on first attempt only.

6. Can I view solutions before giving a test?

Yes, you can view solutions before giving a test, but you will not get a rank if you do so.